ZoomerZoomer is the new and most advanced voice activated robotic dog that looks like a real Dalmatian puppy, fully articulated and interactive, acting like a real puppy.

It is aimed at children of age 5 years and older, has around 60 trainable commands, e.g.,  ’go to sleep’, ‘here boy’,  ’play ball’, ‘speak’, ‘look at me’.

Zoomer is absolutely great fun for children wanting a pet dog but still too young for the responsibility.

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Two of the cutest features of Zoomer are his belly sensors, enabling him to respond to a belly tickle by rolling over and his LED eyes, showing hearts when ‘I love you’ is said.

He can play dead and appears to fall over with his eyes turning to X’s when he does so.

Zoomer can even go to the toilet on command, lift his back leg and make sounds.


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Zoomer Features:

  • has full range of motion with its fully articulated limbs
  • can be used on any surface with its ball paws
  • acts, moves, wags its tail, roll around and crouch just like a real playful puppy
  • tracks movements across the room with its LED eyes
  • has voice activated commands that he can be taught when played with
  • multi-lingual, understands English, Spanish, French and Russian (UK version only)

Zommer Features

Zoomer Pros & Cons:


  • great entertainment value
  • has its own personality, may obey and come when called, depending on his mood
  • can be taught over 60 tricks, e.g., respond to a name
  • helps children learn another language in a fun way
  • can be charged with USB or AC
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Zoomer Pros & Cons


  • full battery charging takes 30 minutes translating to 20-40 minutes of play time


What People Say about Zoomer

What People Say About Zoomer“BzzAgent sent me zoomed to try for free and I was very impressed with this little puppy. My six year old son was so excited when Zoomer came in mail. Set up was super easy all you really need to do is charge him with the included USB right from the computer, or if you have a wall adaptor, which is not included, you can charge him using a wall outlet. One of the downsides of Zoomer is that although he only takes about an hour to fully charge the charge only last for about a half hour. You also need to make sure you let Zoomer cool down for 10 minutes before you plug him in to charge. Even though my son has a slight problem with his speech Zoomer understands what he says almost all of the time. My son loves teaching Zoomer new tricks, his two favorite are when he plays dead and goes to the bathroom. We have had Zoomer for a few weeks now and my son is still playing with him, he loves Zoomer so much he wants to get another one so Zoomer has a friend!” – Melissa


What People Say About Zoomer 2“As a bzzagent, I received Zoomer for free to try. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old and they cannot get enough of him. It’s so cute to see my oldest try and give commands and pet him. It has been a very cool addition to our family. I love that there is low maintenance with it too. When there is a group around Zoomer turns into an entertainment piece. I would absolutely buy this for children in the future. We love our Zoomer!” – Dana


“I recirved the Zoomer Dalmation as part of a bzz campaign and I am happy to share that my 6 year old loves it. It came at the perfect time as he had been asking for a dog of his own and we already have 4 pets so we weren’t looking for another one. With his “spotty” he now has a pet of his own. What a great way to teach responsibility and see if a child really wants to take care of a pet. I would totally purchase this product for anyone!!!” – Katie Lee




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